Cocaine Boat Busted in Honduras : 880 pounds


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Published on Jan 18, 2013
The Honduran navy seizes about 880 pounds of cocaine after a shootout. The incident left one suspected drug trafficker from Jamaica killed and another arrested.

Full story:

On Wednesday (January 16) Honduran naval forces recovered around 880 pounds of cocaine en route to the United States.

The drugs were seized on a boat in eastern Honduras, manned by a two-men from Jamaica.

The drugs were tightly packed in 13 separate bundles.

One of the men was arrested while another died after a shootout with naval forces.

Honduran Defense Minister Marlon Pascua, told reporters that the whole operation took about two-and-a-half-hours.

[Marlon Pascua, Honduran Defense Minister]:
"These people, due to their IDs and the statement given from the arrested person, are from Jamaica and the drugs are in possession of the authorities as well as the arrested man and the body of the deceased person."

Pascua said these were the first illegal drugs seized so far this year. He added Honduran security forces would be more vigilant going forward.

Trafficking routes have shifted in recent years as governments crack down on smugglers, forcing security teams to adapt.

The Central American country is a main hub for South American cocaine destined for the United States.

The United States estimates that 90 percent of South American cocaine heading to the United States passes through Central America.

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