Congress Wants To Classify Pizza As Vegetable

WASHINGTON, D.C. (CBS Washington) – Next time your mom tells you to eat your vegetables, tell her you want a pizza.
Revisions to a spending bill Tuesday would classify pizza as a vegetable and pits school lunch reformers against conservatives who say government should keep its fork to itself.
The Center for Science in the Public Interest blasted Congress in a release saying it’s more interested in protecting prepackaged and frozen food industries than protecting children’s health.
“Pizza should be served with a vegetable, not count as one,” nutrition director Margo Wootan said. She called it a bigger blunder than when President Ronald Reagan tried and failed to credit ketchup as a vegetable.

Congress is pushing back against the Obama administration and its Agriculture Department bill that limits the use of starches like potatoes, cuts sodium and boosting whole grain in school lunches.



silent ghost
congress dont know a fucking thing! the right hand doesnt know what the left hand is doing!
"butter isnt healthy for you,use margarine instead. oh wait. use butter,margarine is no good for you. hold on,butter is no good for you,go back to margarine again. stop what your useing,margarine isnt any good for you. were sure about it this time. butter is better. coffee isnt any good for you. wine is better,but be carefull you dont become a drunk. eggs arent good for you. wait,egg yolks arent healthy. we changed our minds,eggs arent healthy now. after further debates,weve decided egg whites are best."

ill eat what i want when i want how i want. ill decide whats best for me and my family. this government has too much say in what we can and cannot (or should not) eat and do. next theyre going to say eating pussy or sucking a dick will make you obeese..


How do people (and i mean this in a global sense) who come up with these ideas get voted in office


How do people (and i mean this in a global sense) who come up with these ideas get voted in office
they wait til they are in office spend most of their time looking after themselves, them do shit like this to grab headlines