Cop Goes Crazy


silent ghost
hahahahaaaaa i lold!! the kid was right tho. im guessing the kid did have some weed in his posession. the cop went fishing and came up empty.


Dead Meme
His career will probably be fine, it was just some unprofessional name-calling. I lol'd pretty hard when he started using the loudspeaker, though.

Some pigs are way too invested in busting bad guys the way they see it happen on TV and in the movies, when they really just need to be doing their jobs by the book. Flying off the handle because someone demands a search warrant (which a cop should always be prepared for when asking to search) reveals that he's taking it personally. As I said, unprofessional.

The French Gendarme has the right idea: Get a college degree before you become a cop. It really cuts down on macho lunkheads who are secretly ashamed because they were bullied for being fat in middle school.


Patient goes beep beep beeeeeeeeeep
Around here, that would actually end a cop's career. Especially if the person reports it in. and the police has all the evidence for the man.
Besides the unprofessional name-calling (and gesturing), a person (who is carrying a loaded weapon) loses his temper on something that is a simple demand (and for a cop, easily obtainable). What happens if the guy actually started being rude instead of very polite about things? Would the cop taser him into submission?
I'm pretty sure it's universal but in Illinois and Wisconsin, they will detain you (place you in the police car) while another officer obtains a search warrant from the night-shift judge and brings it to the scene.


Patient goes beep beep beeeeeeeeeep
Probable cause. Cop has to justify it, and basically prior drug ticket/fine is enough.
Probable cause. Cop has to justify it, and basically prior drug ticket/fine is enough.

Prior ticket,ect. isnt enough here,that debt to society is paid.Clean slate.

Just because you kill someone years ago,got caught,did the time.It dosent give them a right to search your car for dead MF'ers because you were speeding..
Great video - lol 'yeah I guess that'll be ok... That'll be fine, that'll be just fucking fine buddy...' lol clearly embarrassed that he was out smarted by the guy in the 4x4