Cop Used Chokehold Banned 3 Days Ago On Teen Not Resisting (1 Viewer)

Wow. Brazen. In front of the kid's father for fucks sake. Filthy fucking pig. He's definitely/obviously done worse in his "career". Would love to see some incident reports/complaints involving this guy. Sure there are plenty. Glad he got fired. Another piggy that probably didn't get enough pussy in highschool, a shining example of male fragility.

james west

I'm FreeFallin
now that's wrong ! but he's white nobody's gonna loot walmart because of it.


Tehbitch is the greatest..,promise to stop shitpos
I knew a white guy named Leroy in my youth. He was named after his father and was killed in a domestic in his 20's by his girlfriend's ex. It had a french pronunciation LeRoy apparently, but we always called him Leeeroy.

wtf!, me too - where do you live?...

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