Corona virus is this guys fault...


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God what a filthy race. I have an acquaintance that lives With a bunch of Chinese students in New York, Apparently they don't flush toilet paper even when I take a shit! They just throw it in the trash can, WTF?!?!?!
THAT Would make me murderous.


Wat da fack
I've been places on holiday, I'm sure Spain, or Greece where the drainage isn't good enough to deal with paper so you gotta put ass-wipe in the bin


Hey Guy's, Y do U'z think that I've been consistently talking about the "Atomic Clean Slate" ??? That's how U deal with these Filthy Diseased Ridden Rejects...Mushroom Cloud the MFKRS,And then their "SANITIZED"...SP

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That is fucking nasty and cruel. Food should be killed before it is eaten and when you are talking about something like bats they just shouldn't be eaten at all, but if they are eaten they need to be cooked fully to kill bacteria.


Animal eating is one reason its been said the viruses and sickness start to develop. Every decade there is something with different name coming. There was time when was okay to eat meat because your life depended on it. But now your stomach can be full with other food also, killing animals continuesly just for entertainment is quite absurd far as im concerned. If people feel the same what plants animals do, they would immediately drop their nonsense. This awareness should happen with humanity and chinese to handle it more effective manner