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Hmmmmm......New CV strain with 95%death rate, or Planet of the Apes? We'll probably enjoy either ride for awhile....


These are great days we're living, bros
coronavirus is soooo last week it's all about the niggers again, who needs social distancing and all that bullshit USA governors preached, during a riot? LOOOOOOOLOLO


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We've had an uptick of cases lately in my surrounding counties. Most notably 5/6 construction workers at a local hospital, the end of last week. They confirmed the covid, sent them home to self quarantine, shut down construction over the weekend to "sanitize" the work site(whatever that means) and were back to constructing Monday morning.
im staying clear of work for a long while - i can only see cases increasing due to lthings being eased - people are fucking stupid - crowded beaches and parks, fuck that...