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I've just had a call from a workmate telling me that at least 3 people have gone into work today.. one of them was in close contact on Friday with the guy who has the Coronavirus symptoms..

Note.. We had a meeting yesterday to inform us that a 21 year old who has worked at my company for about 5 months had phoned in saying it was almost certain that he had the Coronavirus, he was in work all of the previous week and still came in on Friday when he was coughing and feeling poorly. The dumb fuck was working quite closely with someone for most of Friday morning, and then he doesn't contact the company for over 2 days!

We all left work immediately after the update yesterday, yet just 1 day later some have returned to work alongside the person who was exposed the most... fuxking dumbassed counts!


Keep your distance..
cool email I received this morning about my job site that I’m going back to Monday..😐

All –

We received the attached from Janice stating that there was a case of COVID-19 found in 6901 Rockledge Dr, she has confirmed that the clean-down occurred yesterday but please continue to take extra precautions. As of now Janice stated that this should not impact the activities in 6903 but wanted to alert our teams so that we are all aware.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you, stay safe!


Grand Mal Caesar

Lurker Meat
It's like a super long bendable q tip looking thing. In through the nostril, down to the back of the throat, move it around a bit, pull it back out.
Fucking horrible, let me tell you.
I've seen pictures of them. They're like a little, telescopic radio antenna with a ball of cotton on the end.


So the government are going to give us self employed 80% and this is how their gunna do it

Take your profits from 2016-2017,2017-2018,2018-2019 then divide by 3 to get a average
Then their going to give you 3 months worth so divide by 4
Then their going to give you 80% so times by 0.8 (up to £2500 a month)
Sound good?
But then you gotta take into consideration you have to pay tax and NI on that so at the end of 2020-2021 books you gotta pay about 30-35% on that
Oh and you may start getting it in june