Would you be interested to know more about these women like how they died ?

  • Yes please

    Votes: 74 70.5%
  • No. I just want to see their corpses

    Votes: 9 8.6%
  • No. I am utterly uninterested in corpse brides

    Votes: 6 5.7%
  • No. I just wanna fuck them

    Votes: 16 15.2%

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First, Last & Always
Dear sir, i assure you that all out corpse brides are obtained through non-homicidal means on our part! We would never think of ending the lives of these beauties just for profit!

Far be it from me to accuse you of such a thing, Anders.

I'm merely stating that I see a pattern in your choice of brides.

You like brunettes!



First, Last & Always
I'm sorry sir. As most of our clients are Asians, specifically Chinese, we source most of our brides from that ethnic group as well.

So Asian men don't favor white girls? I thought they considered white women a delicacy of sorts?



Mortician, Killer, Lover of Dead Women
Bride #4 Origins

Second victim of the Kosmetics Killer. She was followed home, knocked unconscious and then drowned in her own bath tub. Her killer then raped her corpse and applied make up onto her face.



Mortician, Killer, Lover of Dead Women
Bride #5 Origins

This young mother to be was a kind and gentle soul who was innocently having her anniversary dinner with her hubby when a boy who was running around the restaurant bumped violently into her, causing her to swallow and then choke on a large meatball.

Her husband tried Heimlich and CPR but she could not be revived. By the time she reached the hospital, her fetus was deemed as unviable so she was buried with her baby still inside her.



Mortician, Killer, Lover of Dead Women
Bride #6 Origins

This young woman was partying at a club when a fire alarmbcaused a stampedebfor the exit. She was suffocated to death in the ensuing crush and despite attempts to resuscitate her, it as too late. In fact, he person who did mouth to mouth on her was enjoying it so much he dis it wrongly and ended up inflating her belly instead.



Mortician, Killer, Lover of Dead Women
Bride #7 Origins

This 19 year old student was sporty and lively. Until she drowned while canoeing one day after she was caught in a sluice gate. She was brought up after too long and attempts to resuscitate her were unsuccessful.


Roger Escude

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Bride #7

Age: 18

DST: 2 days

Status: Certified Virgin

Price: USD 7125

This pretty young thing drowned in a tragic boating accident along with her friend (see Bride#7). See how beautiful she looks! She has lovely features and a hot body but was a gentle and soft spoken girl when alive. She also loved reading and dancing and will definitely be the perfect match for quiet and shy introverts.. To top it off, she is a virgin! Make your purchase today! Get her together with Bride#7 for a Special Double Drowner Offer of just USD 13,000 for both corpses! Unbelievable! Your son will enjoy the company of two alluring young women in the afterlife forever more! Or maybe you are seeking a post mortem threesome experience for yourself! Whatever the reason, get them while they’re fresh!

Health Advisory: Residual water may remain in her lungs and/or stomach and pressure on her chest/abdomen could result in muddy, smelly water spurting from her mouth and nose.

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It says see bride #7.
🤔 this IS bride 7 isn’t it?

Roger Escude

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I don't recall you asking permission to sale your stuff here. This is not Amazon.
i REALY don’t think he’s trying to sell dead corps for fuck dolls however , I do have to agree with you on tha painting sale issue, your correct, this is not a sale sight nor do we want it to become cluttered with such. . Matter of fact,I KNOW he’s not. Pretty sure he just meant it all in fun and took a hellofuh lotta time & effort to type and draw all that stuff up. Kinda like me, I’m tryna figure out this postin vids on Goregrish all a while gettin talked down on & kicked in tha balls like I’m a retard just cuz computers really never was my thing, this is all so new to me and it’s a lill tricky for me. Everyone’s kickin this dude in HIS balls for tryna be creative & give a laugh or 2 but then again, what can I say, it’s a gore sight, majority evil shit so ,I guess ya gotta expect evil/ mean people to be here as well. I NEVER downvote ANYONES stuff unless we buttin heads at tha time. ( in which I can count on one hand how many people that was with and we ALL made amends all except ONE . I went and hit a follow and that person STILL hasn’t gotten back with me but o-well,I tried and that’s all that counts) I just simply just keep going on to tha next post/forum with tha thought of maybe” god, that rely sucked but hey at least that fuckers contributing SOMETHING or at least trying to anyhow . I’m not gonna shoot him/ her down and discourage him/her because who knows , perhaps that person may turn out to be a hellovah asset / pillar to tha community of this web sight.
However, if that fucker is a troll ,pest, asshole ,cocksucker then yah, by all means drag that bitch through tha mud put em on tha short bus or ban hammer n hang em by his balls or her by her clit I absolutely LOVE this website. I love it just as much if nota lill more than my favorite shows on TV such as Nova, Discovery, National Geographic,
yah, I know, “back on topic please“, sure .. I’m headed that way but, just wanted to get this out there. Thank you for taking tha time to read this.
Much Love ,
Roger Escude’
tryna help homeboy out a lill but , would that Chat room where if ya got beef with someone and ya tell em off there and nothing said about “ off topic shit” would that be tha place if any being pretty much,” anything goes” as they say it’s deemed “ anything” so that would be his loophole?
im not tryna be difficult, just tryna help one help find his hustle. That’s all.
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Roger Escude

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Bride # 2

Age: 20

DST: 9 days

Status: Certified virgin

Price: USD3250

Surely a bargain! This woman was a victim of the recent tsunami so the DST is slightly longer as it took some time to get her body back. But fear not. She has maintained her beauty well and as far as we know, she was a virgin. As she was a drowning victim, no traces of injury are visible on her corpse. Her belly is very bloated from decomposition but we are sure your departed son will not mind as it gives her a pregnant, lush and ripe look. Take advantage of the low price and order her now!

Health Advisory: This corpse’s abdomen was highly bloated prior to her restoration and may rupture or burst if improperly used.
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yah, ya definitely wanna put a warning tag on this one, “ no anal penetration WHATSOEVER “ because of tha risk of corps defecating massive amounts of gastric, Fermented toxic waste In which may be highly combustible/ skin irritant ( caustic acid) which may also result in property damage
Also, not to be layed upon with no more than 8lbs of force/ pressure Thus preventing unwanted leaking of above mentioned hazardous materials
^ disclaimer ☝🏻😉

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