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Crane collapses on pilgrims in Mecca, killing at least 62

Discussion in 'Man Vs. Machine or Nature' started by ememememe, Sep 11, 2015.

  1. ememememe

    ememememe Rookie

    Screenshot_2015-09-11-20-43-21.jpg Screenshot_2015-09-11-20-43-01.jpg Screenshot_2015-09-11-20-43-11.jpg Screenshot_2015-09-11-20-42-42.jpg Screenshot_2015-09-11-20-42-33.jpg Screenshot_2015-09-11-20-43-34.jpg Screenshot_2015-09-11-20-43-47_20150911204840548.jpg Screenshot_2015-09-11-20-44-07_20150911204707256.jpg so, this happened today, September 11th, at masjid al-haram located in Mecca where a huge crane dropped on pilgrims, killing at least 62. with 62 you can make a rabbit and since this happened on a holy place, this must indeed mean something, right?

    I've gathered the photos from an Instagram account so they're a bit low quality, sorry about that in advance! if someone has better quality photos, please do post them!
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  2. ememememe

    ememememe Rookie

    crap, I can't edit my post and its filled with same images repeating again and again, can someone fix this please? :(
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  3. bogies

    bogies Forum Veteran

    Loving the skid mark of blood :drool: Screenshot_2015-09-11-20-43-11.jpg

    Where's the toga party :shh: Screenshot_2015-09-11-20-44-07_20150911204707256~2.jpg
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  4. Tingles

    Tingles Green chairs rock!

    Jesus, someone get a fucking mop!
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  5. Bethy

    Bethy Sometimes life aint fair kiddo!. Morbid Mania

    Thats pure chaos :eek: and a brutal way to die!. Nice set for sure :tu:
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  6. Tooly

    Tooly Tier One

    Even cranes hate the muzzies!
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  7. maven

    maven Southern Charm

    damn, hell of a mess.
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  8. Torque Button

    Torque Button "boo fucking hoo" "Die in a fire"

    only thing missing is a flock of jew lawyers
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  9. msr

    msr Here pikey pikey, swallow mah cawk.

    Crane was rented from Bergman and Winkler Construction, Tel Aviv.
    A little tiny bit of karma?
    No airplane involved, shit.
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  10. Bethy

    Bethy Sometimes life aint fair kiddo!. Morbid Mania

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  11. R a n d o m

    R a n d o m af9yTg2fNlDqHcOFkK

    Where is your god now?
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  12. msr

    msr Here pikey pikey, swallow mah cawk.

    Image 5, just above center of the image, there are three of them.--Mooslim Minions.
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  13. EveryOneDies

    EveryOneDies Fresh Meat

    More than 100 dead...must have been one of the most fatal crane "accident".
    B.C. 45 Julian calendar took effect
    Duration between 45 B.C. and 1 A.D. is 45 years since there is no 0 B.C./A.D.
    A.D. 622 someone left Mecca to settle in Medina...the year Muslims considered as beginning of Islam
    Duration between 1 A.D. to A.D. 622 is 621 years.
    45 +621 = :gremlin:
  14. Honest One


    Ah the irony, ya gotta luv it! :p
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  15. EveryOneDies

    EveryOneDies Fresh Meat

    Too bad the crane missed the Kaaba.
    That would have nailed them dick towers erectors (i.e. mosques).
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  16. Tooly

    Tooly Tier One

    Must have been one hell of a band playing, that's one bloody Mos(h)que pit!
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  17. Silo

    Silo " CHUTZ-PAH "

    To bad the crane didn't have wings loaded with fuel.
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  18. Liam

    Liam Fresh Meat

    Screenshot_2015-09-13-01-17-16-2.png Screenshot_2015-09-13-01-16-59-1.png Screenshot_2015-09-13-01-14-59-1.png this is not the first time(& hopefully not the last;)) an accident has happened inside this mosque, lots of tragic events have happened in past there.
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  19. Domino69

    Domino69 In the Prep Room

    And, on 9/11....how very fitting....
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  20. _Xtina_

    _Xtina_ Poster girl

    Yeah, what a mess.
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