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IMAGE #1>This park could be the source of what's genuinely the scariest abandoned amusement park photo of all time. The image of that rusty train, with its one yellow eye and mad smile, is enough to torment you in nightmares for years. The park is quite small, but what's left of it feels distinctly cursed.


IMAGE #2>Creepy tree from the once-abandoned ‘Wizard of Oz’ theme park.


IMAGE #3>'Scaredy Cat Club'


IMAGE #4>Not to be confused with the still-operating Joyland in Texas, this family-focused park was founded in 1949 by race-car mechanic Lester Ottaway and his sons. A toy steam train, Wurlitzer-style organ, mighty wooden roller coaster and twirling carousel drew in the crowds, and the park went from strength to strength.


IMAGE #5>The site of Lake Shawnee has a dark history that predates the park. The bloodshed begins with the Clay family who, in the 18th century, settled on this land, which belonged to a Native American tribe. Mitchell Clay and his wife had 14 young children and, in 1783, tribespeople captured and killed two of them. Bereft and enraged, Clay continued the carnage by murdering several of the native peoples.


IMAGE #6>Somewhere between Beijing and the Great Wall of China, towering over the Hebei plains and the nearby Chenzhuang Village, there stands a lonely, broken castle. The site was once conceived as a parallel to Disney’s great amusement parks; the dream passed however, and now this gothic tower – no more than a crumbling concrete shell – marks the miscarriage of Asia’s largest theme park. They call it "Wonderland."


IMAGE #7>Japan is known for having some interesting ideas when it comes to parks and architecture, and one of their most interesting, and largest failures, was Gulliver’s Kingdom, located at the base of Mount Fuji.The theme park, based on the Jonathan Swift book, cost $350 million to build and featured a forty-five meter long statue of Gulliver himself, with the main attraction being a bobsled ride, making it not exactly your typical amusement park.The location of the park, however, makes it even stranger.Right next to the park is Aokigahara Forest, better known as “suicide forest,” which is considered the second most popular suicide location after the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.The doomsday cult Aum Shinrikyo, the group behind the Sarin gas attacks[3] on the Tokyo subway, also had their headquarters and nerve gas production facility in the nearby village of Kamikuishiki. Residents and park goers claimed they could smell the chemicals when they were on the park grounds.The park was thoroughly demolished in 2007, leaving nothing behind except for the strange memories and photographs and the questions as to why anyone thought it would be a popular attraction.


IMAGE #8>Abandoned amusement park attraction-Chernobyl


IMAGE #9>Hurricane Katrina killed this clown. According to the photographer, “An abandoned Six Flags amusement park, someone spray painted ‘Six Flags 2012 coming soon’ on the wall above the downed head. But they were clownin.’ Six Flags will never rebuild here.” That’s sad, but much of New Orleans has not been restored to her former glory. This defunct amusement park on the city’s eastern edge must surely serve as a constant reminder that Katrina tried to wash them off the map. To some of the people of New Orleans, the stark silhouette of Six Flags seems like an unhealed wound.


IMAGE #10>This is what the photographer had to say:

“I spotted the haunted lines of its empty roller coaster from the Ninth Ward off Interstate 510 while playing tourist in 2009 and begged a friend to pull over to investigate. We found an open gate, infiltrated it, and proceeded to sneak around the eerie, ‘end of world’ Zombie like setting. An adrenaline enhanced experience I’ll never forget. It was like exploring a haunted, adult junkyard theme park on ecstasy, the sick criminal cousin of Disney World. In a good way….I could have spent days, if not weeks taking pictures on the lonely grounds.”


IMAGE #11>“Under The Sea” probably never was envisioned to literally be submerged by the sea like when Hurricane Katrina attacked. Now the merman is headless as if he couldn’t bear to watch abandoned Six Flags be further ravaged by the elements and be unmaintained.


IMAGE #12>Hurricane Katrina was one of the worst tragedies in New Orleans’ history, and this Six Flags suffered greatly too. They hoped to open a week later, but it’s been more than ten years. It’s still abandoned, and all its rides, including these Jeeps from the “Jungle Tour”, are just sitting there. Luckily, it seems that the vehicles are still holding on. They might be able to restore them.


IMAGE #13>Nara Dreamland is one of the most photographed abandoned theme parks in the world. The park was built in the 1960s and deserted in 2006 due to low visitor numbers. It was constructed in a style that was inspired by Disneyland in California and features a contrast of brightly colored fairytale rides and roller coasters that are now rotting. Everything has been left as it was on the park’s last day, and there are even still chairs in the coffee shops.


IMAGE #14>You won’t want to ‘follow the yellow brick road’ here in the Land of Oz, North Carolina, as it will lead you to one of the creepiest sites in the US. As a 16-acre Wizard-of-Oz-themed park, the Land of Oz was incredibly popular when it first opened in 1970. However, shortly after opening, interest began to decline and the park became almost completely deserted. Then, in 1975, there was a fire which destroyed parts of the park, and the park was officially abandoned. Land of Oz still opens its gates a few days a year, around Halloween time for visitors brave enough to explore.


IMAGE #15>Tattered 'Yellow Brick Road' of the abandoned 'Land of Oz' theme park in Beech Mountain, North Carolina.



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