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Glad it's you !!
Creepy Invisible Mommy !!


Glad it's you !!
Quoted !! "In the early days of photography, many well-off families jumped at the chance to have their precious children's likeness captured for eternity.
The one trick that they had to deal with next, after finding photographers willing to set up the bulky equipment and travelling to the portrait location, was getting the little babies to sit still for the entirety of the session.
As a result, many photographers enlisted the help of the children's mothers, with often creepy outcomes."

Ole Sparky

Badges? I don't need no stinkin badges.
^ This is what I figured as soon as I saw these. Yes very creepy outcome, I guess they figured no one would know. I do have to say that a few did a pretty good chair impression.
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Some of these kids are looking a bit freaky themselves. First pic, far left for example.


Glad it's you !!
@DirtyDiamonds glad you like it mate !!
@Ole Sparky Well they were called the "ghostmothers" !! just like i've read ,it was very expensive to sit for a photograph when these photographs were taken,Often families could only afford one or two photos in the life of a child, so it was very important that they were good !! and yep !! some of the mothers did a pretty good job!!photographers too !!


Glad it's you !!
Oh its children! I watched Sinister last night so these pictures of the kids are double creepy for me!

lol !! i haven't seen Sinister yet !! maybe tonight ,because i just saw the trailer and i really like it !! and also now i know what you are talking about when you say creepy :-_^: !!

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