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Will probably try and finish this one next since I've already started on it

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I read two or three similar books about the Prussian artillery in the time of the Napoleonic Wars. Digital copies on Google book-scan, of course, written in an older German and Fraktur fonts. Very interesting, i.e. the trials and errors they made to get a 'reliable' time fuse for the first shrapnel rounds which have to explode at an exact time point in front/above the enemy lines.


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For sure there is a lot of science behind it. More than I ever would have guessed from the the outset. This book covers a bit of the orgins along with the innovations that were made in the world of ordnance and the organization of heavy and field guns within the armies. I was surprised to find out the first were made from wrought iron and breech loaded. Makes sense when explained but I had never really thought about it. And the number of horses and wagons required, geez, i would love to have seen an artillery train on the move through the Swiss Alps in the 16th or 17th century. Would be amazing