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Just don't get jabbed and you won't have nothing to worry about. I'd rather get covid than dropping dead due to vaccination.
I agree for as long as that is possible however, I believe it will become mandatory and even compulsory to get jabbed in the near future, personally I will remove myself from this realm before I let that happen to me. I am not fanatically religious but I do believe there is far more to this universe than most people are aware of, I do not really believe in the bible but I do believe in God, just not in the same sense most people do and I will stand firmly with that entity unconditionally without exception.


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What is the reason for this new DNA alteration they are doing with these vaccines?
216,000 in the human COVID genome is just like the message God hid under the Golden Arches.
you see, a number 2 meal at McDonald’s is a 2 cheeseburger meal, which has 2 Pattie’s and 4 buns which equals 6.
and a number 1 meal at McDonald’s, The Big Mac, has 2 patties, 3 buns, and 1 pickle, which equals 6.
A number 6 meal, is a choice, which means you have to choose between god which is the fillet-o-fish and the devil which is a 6 piece nugget meal. If you choose the devil, then you are left with…
666 !
The mark of the beast is Waiting to alter your genome 🧬 in the large fries. Count the fries. Add them up. They always equal 666

Fucking moron. Shut the fuck up with this nonsense!

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The human genome project failed to answer the majority of questions it originally considered. It turns out our genes are less complicated than a rice plant. The microbiome that makes up 90% of the cells in our bodies adds to our own genetics to make us the complex beings we are.

@Dolly is spot on in terms of the vaccine.

It turns out our genes get turned on or off by our environments. The field of study in this area is Epigenetics. This also adds to the complexity of humans.