Dad rapes/kills 9 month old daughter (1 Viewer)

And then some are still against the death penalty
I can understand if the case in question is hard to prove but in cases like this when its 100% clear that the person did what they did then just end them. You can look into the fuckers eyes and see what a piece of shit he is.
Fuck me having low empathy for people, but as soon as you touch a child like that Iā€™ll fucking kill you, retard ass pedophile cunt abortion. He should get raped in jail for the rest of his life see how he likes it.
You know he will be the princess of the block once word gets around. Most cons dont like baby rapists all the gangs black white Hispanic will want a piece of his ass because he is black the black gangs will get first dibs but im sure the other gangs will draw straws to see if they get him as well. He is fucked and he will realize that when he gets to his new home.
His mental health should be a .45 to the head. Wonder if his mother will pop up claiming how he was a gud boi?
His mother clearly failed. I hate when dumb bitches whos kids grow up to be monsters say "my little crotch spawn was a happy and loving thing I dont know what went wrong please he isnt like this". Well lady its clear that you fucked up somewhere because your child has caused nothing but pain and misery.

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