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New Year's Day is a write-off for most of us; a day of nothingness, with the sole objective being to recover as much as possible before returning to work the next day.

But one dad in Scotland decided to devote his first day of the decade to setting up a hot tub in his living room - and he got 'every single step wrong'.
Derek Snedden, from the village of Dunbeg, almost 100 miles north of Glasgow, said he was inspired to get the tub up and running in the house because he 'was bored and the telly was rubbish'.
However, he never envisaged that a lack of research and a catalogue of errors would mean the hot tub wouldn't be usable until the next day - some 18 hours after he first embarked on the ridiculous project.

The 50-year-old said: "Every single process was an obstacle.

"Blowing it up, we had to find something to cover one of the holes on the tube as the screw-in cover was lost. We tried sellotape, masking tape, and after looking all through the house found a plastic end of a cardboard tube, which was the delivery tube for a map - it couldn't have fitted any better.

"Blew it up, time to fill it. I measured a length of garden hose from my hose roll, cut it off, then tried to force it on the kitchen taps. I had not long moved house and forgot to take the connector from my outside hose so had no connection for the tap, and the hose never fitted any of the taps.

"I eventually found a bit of plastic pipe, I jubilee clipped that to the tap, then sellotape, masking taped and insulated taped the hoses together. It was very, very slow and the water p****d everywhere; saying that, after it my bathroom was gleaming."

From there, it took around four hours to fill, and after two hours of heating, he was ready to enjoy the fruits of his labour. However, Derek - who is a head chef by trade, not an in-house hot tub installer - had made a fatal error.

He said: "I tried the water and it was like the Arctic. I looked inside and I hadn't taken off the covers that pump the water in and out. By this time it was 3am the following morning - we went to bed."

But when Derek woke up the next day, it was like Christmas had come again.

He said: "I got up at 10.30am on the 2nd and went down and it was roasting, it was out of this world. It was well worth the two hours we were in it."

After 18 hours setting it up, and a further three hours emptying it - using a cut up bit of garden hose to siphon it out of the front and back doors and a bucket to chuck the rest out of the window - Derek is unequivocal about whether his Lay-Z-Spa will be returning to the living room.

He said: "Would I do it again? ... F**k yes.

"Would I do a wee bit of research and find out about it beforehand? ... Probably not.

"Me and Kelly [his girlfriend] have never laughed so much, and she says it was one of the best New Year's Day's she has ever had."

Derek, you are an inspiration to us all.

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Dad Spends 18 Hours Setting Up Hot Tub In Living Room (Video)

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