Damn Nature! You Scary!


I'm sorry if I have offended you
How about some Aussie animals...
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Spotted quoll(carnivore)
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Greater Bilby(endangered)
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Hairy nosed wombat( way bigger than common wombat)
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Australian giant centipede

Green saw fish( caught in PNG) rare in Aus now..
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Leafy seadragon...
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Weedy seadragon...

Australian tarantula(bird eating spider)
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Tasmanian giant crayfish( largest in the world)..
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Feather tail glider( one used to live in my house and it got tame and would let you hold it) my favourite Aussie animal...
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Antechinus( carnivore) males only live for a year as they have that much sex when it is breeding time they die...

Phascogale( carnivore)
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Giant burrowing cockroach(largest in the world)


I'm sorry if I have offended you
Australia had the tallest trees in the world and they had the largest girths... Bigger than U.S redwoods...There were ones way larger than this but were long cleared before photography...
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I'm sorry if I have offended you
Another massive species of tree was the giant satinay. The girths we're that big that there weren't mills big enough to mill them for years... They are found on Fraser Island, which is the largest sand island in the world and absolute paradise. There are still some big ones but nowhere near as big as the ones that were taken...they were used for Suez canal...
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Pic of lake Mackenzie on Fraser island.. there are heaps of lakes like this... The water that comes out in creeks takes eighty years to filter through the sand and is said to be the cleanest in the world. You can't even see the creek in the middle. I walked into it thinking it was a dry creek bed and it was up to my armpits...
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Lake Mackenzie...
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That is over waste deep...