Dat ass


I'm speechless on this one... I mean who the hell just sits around and thinks of shit to put up their ass? Good grief.


dont knock it till ya try it . . .. . . . .

KC find 1 man 1 jar on the site
Fuck no!!! I've seen that one before. Trust me when I say I have no desire to try that. There is no need in it for me. Shoving big ass things used to juice fruit isn't my idea of a good time. :)


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What the fuck is it with some people ? Don’t understand why anyone would do that. You look at the video then press the home button watch another video and before you know it an hour has passed. Some weird and funny shit on there.


Utter bastard
Anyone remember the guy who filled a smoothie maker with water then put his dick in there and switched it on? .. his dick whirled round and round like a helicopter blade