Dead 30 something white woman

She isn't dead. You can also see that she recently removed her pants too because of the mark on her right leg where the seam of tight pants was pressed against her skin. That would fade rather quickly after her pants were removed. This looks a lot like the foot fetish not dead photo set that was posted some time ago.
Well damn. I just can’t win. I’m new to this death stuff and I guess it looked real to me. Sorry guys

Darth Pepe

[QUOTE = "Deadwomansoles, post: 1046904, członek: 118314"] [ATTACH = pełny] 346679 [/ ATTACH] [ATTACH = pełny] 346678 [/ ATTACH] [ATTACH = pełny] 346677 [/ ATTACH] [ATTACH = pełny] 346675 [/ ATTACH] [ATTACH = pełny] 346676 [/ ATTACH] Nie znam tej historii, ale tutaj jest martwa, może nawet po trzydziestce, ciężko powiedzieć. Nie wiem, jak umarła, a nawet w jakim kraju się znajduje, ale są to niesamowite nogi i nogi, a te usta czekają tylko na ostatniego kutasa! Chciałbym ją zobaczyć na stole do autopsji [/ QUOTE]
Lamest thread.