Dead pornstars


First, Last & Always
A memorial video for pornstars Who died may they rest in peace
Reading about some these, it's amazing how many of them commit suicide.

Trying to understand their state of mind is difficult.

The only possible thing I can come up with is that porn, for many of them was a means to an end, but ultimately devoured them and once they went down that path there was no turning back.

Then again, what rational person would go in to porn in the first place?

There were most likely problems there all along.


I was an admirer of the late Anna Malle (car accident) when I first saw her on the HBO series "Real Sex" in 96'.

However, I distinctly recall around 2012 I had stumbled across a shower scene with her and Jeanna Fine that was obviously filmed some time ago at the point, watched it and then thought "Hey, I wonder what Anna is up to these days?" So, I did a Google search and her Wikipedia page came up and I saw Anna Malle (September 14, 1967 – January 25, 2006) and I was genuinely shocked as you can imagine.

I was slightly uncomfortable with the fact that I had just very recently handled my junk while watching a dead woman. And too my knowledge I haven't since. :-_^: