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A previously and well established game title.
For those of you not aware aware of EA Visceral's Sci-fi Survival horror don't fret you will find all the info you need to know here.

When a massive deep space mining ship (USG Ishimura) goes black. A small repair crew is sent in to diagnose and repair the communication problem. The protagonist of the game is a Gorden Freeman type character(devoid of any type of emotions or independent thoughts). This is done so that you feel like you are the character on the screen. Only one intimate detail is given, that his girlfriend is aboard the ship and that he volunteered for the mission to be able to see her. Soon as their vessel forcibly docs with the ship the repair crew immediately finds out that something is horribly wrong. The ship is a blood bath and mutilated bodies and blood paint the walls floor and ceiling, and any survivors appear to be in a state of total disasociative insanity. Inspired by Aliens, the Thing, Resident evil, and much more this is Dead Space. The enemies are mutated reanimated corpses that only have one desire to kill and mutilate, Your weapons are mining tools that were never designed for combat, Most of the ship is near pitch black and very claustrophobic, Rooms will lockdown on you in an attempt to quarantine this hord of freakish aliens, you will hallucinate, You fight things 100 times your size, You will be shocked.

Oh yes and Dead Space 2 Which is a direct continue from the first one


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