Dead women in pantyhose

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I never drove an automatic; do the crawl function work without kicking/pushing the gas pedal?
Yep. as soon as you release the E-brake and shift into the Drive/Forward gear, the car automatically crawls forward on it's own and accelerates upto a basic 5mph and maintains it at that pace (no human role) , unless the driver intervenes to slow it down or speed it up as per their need.

This creep/crawl feature in automatic vehicles is supposed to help
a) in slow moving traffic,
b) help with hill/inclined starts (and minimise rolling back, though most cars have a hill start assistance system nowadays to fix this.)
c)prevent stalling of the car that we often get in Manual stick shifts when you forget to press the clutch or let go of it too quickly when in 1st gear.

In this case (if it happened to be an automatic transmission vehicle , that is...), this creep function calls for a rather creepy end to its owner ;)


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This forum is getting stale, like the state of the pantyhose clinging to many of the bodies in these photos....

So to hot things up a little, here are some crime scene photos from Mexico. This latina woman was taking a minibus home from work when she was handed a one-way ticket to the morgue, thank's to a gunman's bullet. You can see the orange ball of the setting sun in the close-up photo through the bus window, and the eerie crimescene view with yellow police tape marking the vacant minibus with only the dead body onboard, taken after the sun had set, some hours later. The victim is wearing worn black ballet-style flats, and semi-sheer tights, nylon of course, matching her black work outfit and jacket. Her facial expression seems almost resigned to having to wait the long hours for the methodical police investigation to take its mandatory course, with the only certainty that the morgue is her next destination.

Mujer-asesinada - crime scene in Mexico.jpg
Mujer-asesinada-close - face shown.jpg


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A Chinese prostitute was strangled to death after having sex with her customer, and got dumped into a muddy river at midnight of 2018/1/10. Her bloated body was recovered beneth a bridge in the morning of 2018/1/14. A string remained wrapped around her neck tightly, and her body was covered in mud. She wore a sheer black pantyhose and blue denim hot pants.


Would like to see how did you pee and shit in your pants when you were strangled to death.




A cute face became bloated and stinky.



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mulher cadáver com antecedência estado de putrefação1.jpg

A woman corpse was found in Brazil between 1942 and 1945. Her body was in an advanced status of putrefaction and became stinky. She wore a pair of black stockings and a black mini-skirt.


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I see some are into vintage crime scene photos. Here's a sheer stocking teaser from the 1930s. This is a photo of a murder victim shot dead in a car. Her stocking clad legs came to rest against the inside of the door after death, so when the corpse went into rigor mortis some hours later, that meant the legs kept their stiff pose even after the door was opened by the investigators. You can see the shadow of the camera flash bulb and hat of the photographer cast upon the car in the photograph. It's such a well composed, well lit and detailed photograph. Makes you feel like you are the one actually standing there, holding up the camera. One of my fave's in terms of vintage crime scene shots