Dead women in pantyhose

This case is for those who like it wet: here's an asian victim lying in a shitty morgue (...examination room/autopsy table cleanliness is not a concern clearly...and why is there so much water everywhere? And then there's the bottle in the top left corner containing urine...are there no washrooms on site?)

She has clear evidence of trauma to the head and elsewhere on her body. The bonus is she is wearing both black athletic tights and sheer light tan/skin tone nylons underneath them. In the pics after the clothing has been removed, you can see the bikini lines and clothing impressions due to post-mortem lividity (occurs due to blood pooling and congealing after hours lying in one position).





Bad girl
Accounting Student Murdered and Dumped Half-Naked

25 year old student in the Accounting department at a local university did not come home from a party on Saturday, the 3rd of November.

Her body was discovered the next morning lying on the sidewalk. She had been strangled and beaten to death (signs of both were present but neither was ruled as official COD yet). Her shorts had been pulled down to her ankles, but her leggings were still intact all the way up to her waist. She had no panties on under the leggings, but no obvious signs of sexual assault were mentioned. Her bra was also pushed up with her bare breasts exposed. It is unknown if these conditions were enacted to humiliate her corpse, if they were brought about in the course of a successful rape, or an unsuccessful rape.

Her boyfriend is currently being sought for questioning.

Feminicidio 185 en el Estado de México asesinada-y-violada-en-Neza.jpg







Bad girl
Putrefied female corpse wearing nude pantyhose. The putrefaction fluid flew through her shoes to the carpet. Unfortunately, no colourful photo is found for this scene.


An image of a lady posing in a way you will never see in daily life. Okay, she is not posing, she is dead. And when you are dead, you lose awareness, but for me she gains power. Her ego is gone and her shape remains.