Deadly Orgasm


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Three different cases showing the dangers of strangling orgasm (autoerotic asphyxiation). Where using strangling and hanging during sex or solo masturbation, a higher orgasmic euphoria is supposedly achieved. The danger comes from becoming too aroused to control from going further and getting strangled to death as the result.

First case is the 29 year old man from Austria. Strangled/hanged while masturbating and hanging himself, while watching it all in the mirror. Judging from the amount of sperm in the pan below him and even a burst being left on the mirror in front of him, he most likely had ejaculated more than once. But probably only got aroused even more and wanted to go further, until loosing self-control and meeting his end. Because of the angle of hanging leather belt, it had forced his tongue out in most vivid way. The body was discovered about 30 minutes after death, when a female roommate came back home much earlier from work. Still, already some blood can be seen accumulating at the lower part of his legs, best seen in first photo and the lower part of his body has slightly different skin colour to it than the upper part.

Second case is a Chinese security guard at the old factory. It can be seen on photos that he had also ejaculated before death. Wet marks from his sperm can be seen on the gas canister next to him. Also he had inserted long wooden handle from spatula deep inside his anus. In this case the body is not so fresh and was discovered about 6 hours after death, when another security guard came over to replace his shift.

Third case I do not have much information about, except that he is in his 30's, had died from autoerotic asphyxiation and that the body was discovered about 5-6 hours after death.

Strangling games, breath play, strangling orgasm, whatever you call it, is a very dangerous activity. One can never truly control it. Because of high orgasmic euphoria and wanting to achieve more, to pass out and to get strangled as the result can happen at absolutely any moment. Be warned and stay away from it. Not to mention the most highly embarrassing ways in which one will be found after.

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Asshats. Just...asshats. Why do you have to make this more complicated than a nice wankie? Ugh their poor mothers. Great pics.


Listen Guy's, When I get off,Its Fantastic as is...Y would I wanna Fuck with that? Some people,I guess,Just hv to go that extra mile! It's on them tho,right? I certainly wouldn't want a loved one to walk in with me doing the "WANG HANG" No Fkn Thanku,lol...SP


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It's fake. If you want to die you dont must keep the floor clean
It was NOT a suicide. None of them planned to die. He planned to have an orgasm, and to jerk off multiple times without the hassle of cleaning the carpet after himself. Dying was not part of his plan. And most especially to be found like that.


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I don't think the first guy is dead.
Look at the blood drained at the front bottom area of his feet. At the different skin colour of the areas of the body. More pinkish down and more yellowish upper part. Again, blood gravity drainage. Just unlike with other cases, was found a lot sooner. About 30 min, as oppose to 5-6 hours. But the signs that he is dead are already all there.


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It's fake jizz. It is tooth paste mixed with water
"tooth paste mixed with water"... Such an exact knowledge. To the exact ingredients and knew it right away. I see you have been doing a lot of experiments on making believable cumshots, until finally getting it just right. Well, nice to know you are good at something. May be even (forgive the association) a burst of talent in the making. Just please do not tell me why you needed certain amounts of lookalike cum. I honestly do not need to know.