Lil' dead bitch
long story short : she used to be a mod there way back when, then she started abusing her position by doxxing, amongst other stuff. then she got called out on her shit along with other now ex-mods, lost her modship, went into hiding for a great deal of time, then she surfaced back and got modship again there for some reason, idk and idc why to be honest but it was like an episode of the twilight zone, nothing made sense.

its also funny that the very first day she got modship she started acting like she was hot shit with people on the thread announcing her modship. funny but not unexpected.

not trying to turn your head against her or anything, you have your own mind, but yea thats what happened and thats a generalization of why a lot of people dont like her.
Ahhhhh she sounds like a cunt
Your opinion means nothing. You were banned from D.A.
True, twice actually. And since you think YOUR opinion means something here... why don't you explain WHY I was banned.
Go ahead, we'll all wait...
Tune in next week folks for another episode of "Another forums drama".

or maybe not... It'll probably be just as crap :(
It's not all crap.
Ain't that right Graz? Don't ignore me.
Grace us with your words of wisdom.
Go on.., we'll wait.