Dec. 26, 2004 Tsunami


Fresh Meat
Do they keep the identification images of the bodies or do they dispose them after say, a decade?


His Sunflower
Not sure, but I do know that photo was taken almost as soon as the sea receded and rescuers dived to pull out bodies of people from the lower levels of a resort hotel.
Those people were hard core going mouth deep in those waters. That takes a big set of balls (must be related to a few pics up;D). Seriously, people here where I live want to talk about PTSD, I can't imagine collecting those putrid corpses.
15 years on eh fucking hell, still remember singing "the tide iiis high but I'm holding on, one more wave and we'll all be gone, ittt's getting hard to swim I think, that I'm going to drowowwn, ohh woo o o wo" as a kid in primary school when this happened.. fucking hell, if only we'd known what the results looked like back then :(
A savage depiction of mortality here... Despite the similarity and rot of some of the corpses there's a certain pained expression still etched onto a few... Probably just what I'm seeing in them but damn, not nice.
Tsunami hey, big proponent of the depopulation conspiracy, hardcore environmentalist if ever there was one