Dmitriy Kopilov


Dmitriy Kopilov

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Classification: Serial homicide
Characteristics: Juvenile (17) - Robberies
Number of victims: 7
Date of murders: 2004 - 2005
Date of birth: 1988
Victims profile: Six elderly women and one man
Method of murder: Used a knife, stones, a metal rod, pieces of pipe and even animal bones to kill his victims
Location: Chelyabinks, Ural, Russia
Status: Sentenced to ten years in a penal colony in August 2006

From June 2004 until August 2005, the russian city of Chelyabinsk was under seige. Six elderly women and one man had been brutally murdered in the city's forest area's. The perpetrator was recently apprehended and sent to trial. His name is Dmitriy Kopilov and he is just seventeen years old.

It is alleged that dmitriy would stalk his elderly victims and shadow them until he had an opportunity to attack them without anybody seeing him. he would then drag his victims by their ears and hair into a nearby forest area and brutally murder them with an assortment of terrifying weapons of opportunity.

He did use his own knife, however he also used any kind of weapon that he could find at the scene too. These included stones, metal rods, pieces of pipes, and even animal bones.

After killing his victims, he would rob them of their jewellry and any money or valuables that he found on them. From one victim he only managed to get 50 rubles ($1.87). Dmitriy's only male victim is believed to have been killed simply because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and witnessed the murder of Dmitriy's sixth victim.

At his trial, the court ruled that dmitriy was sane at the time he committed the crimes and was sentenced to the maximum prison sentence that can be given to juveniles, 10 years! Dmitriy is currently serving his sentence at the colony of common regimen.

Teenage Serial Killer Jailed for 10 Years

August 7, 2006

Russia’s Chelyabinsk city court has sentenced serial killer Dmitriy Kopilov to ten years imprisonment, the maximum penalty for an underaged person in Russia.

“A 17 year-old citizen of Chelyabinsk city (South Ural region) has been sentenced to ten years in a penal colony for several murders and robbery,” a press-service representative of the local Prosecutor General’s Office told the Interfax news agency.

An investigation revealed that Kopilov had killed and robbed six women and a man who had accidentally witnessed the last woman’s murder. The juvenile killer “worked” from July 2004 to August 2005.

Kopilov shadowed lonely women, attacked and robbed them, and then dragged them by the head and ears to a nearby forest and cruelly murdered them. He used a knife, stones, a metal rod, pieces of pipe and even animal bones to kill his victims.

Prosecutors claim he took off his victims’ jewellery and money. In one case he could get just 50 rubles ($1,87). The court’s verdict says Kopilov was sane.