DO NOT Fuck with Vin Diesel


Goodnight Irene!!! If I were the nude dude, I woulda high tailed it as soon as that mean looking ball of muscle got out of the car...
Could the nude dude be referred to as a black Russian?
U could tell that Vinny could handle himself,As He walked up; I too woulda fucked off if I were the streaker! Nice Fkn Punch! Lmao...SP


Utter bastard
That wasn't a sucker punch, he was straight in front of the mental naked idiot and showed that he wasn't gonna take his shit by the manner that he approached him... and that was a hell of a punch when you realise his hands were by his side and it came from nowhere


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I think he acted appropriately. A naked man in the street is clearly not in his right mind, best to end it as quickly as possible


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Man, I'da been all like fuck you Vin Diesel, behold my penis yo, your films are shit, you're a fat cunt and your mum takes it up the shitter.

I would then give him a scheme fucking beating.

In the nude.