Do you think any of these movies,were to disturbing?


Hostel 2 - love the scene^^
There is a French movie my creepy ass old singer loved called "irreversible".....

I THINK that is the name of it. It has some ultra brutal shit. Dudes getting fisted and then head smashed in with a fire extinguisher in this weird underground sex club. There is just rooms with people fistin ass, fetishes galore, cutting and other weird shit as they pan past rooms. The movie I dont remember what happened or the plot. I saw it a million times I was always drunk and partying. In the middle of parties he would love creeping all the chicks out (or turn the freaks on) and put it on, THEN go straight to the most brutal and graphic rape I've seen on a movie. I think he stabs her while he ass fucks her in this hallway pathway thing. Cant remember all that well. Either way its depicted in such a awful and realistic way.... I mean I'm not one to cry about bad shit like that. Just saying, its brutesmagoots.


sàlo, the adaptation of 120 days of sodom is pretty depressing. serbian film is kinda nasty too. i wouldnt say theyre horrifying though. nothing comes close to real footage. cannibal holocaust is genuinely really good film with profound commentary.