Does someone like death metal or metal music in general? If yep what bands?


Uppity cunt
I like it, but then again I like pretty much all genres of music, except that umbongo wongo shit. Im not going to list my bestest bands tho as Im not 12. However my favourite type of dog is a puppy. and my favourite food is turkey dinosaurs and petit filous.
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I'm more into Black Metal. MGLA, Uada, Darkthrone, Marduk, Caladan Brood, early Bathory, Kampfar, Summoning, Graveland, Burzum, Svartidaudi, Myspriming, etc. etc. etc.

Death Metal is more "into the face" action. Like a fight club. Black metal is more "ambient horror movie" like, it creates a dark atmosphere to dig into. The music happens and works in your head. Can't listen to Death Metal anymore, too blunt.


silent ghost
i like most genres of tunes. not rap or hip hop. not really into death metal anymore. it all sounds the same to me now. like the mic s stuck in the guys throat.
80's heavy metal. some of the 90's metal bands. and a few of todays metal bands.
but the 80's metal kicks ass.... still!


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Theres a few Iron Maiden songs i like, some Motorhead is ok.. but i really can't stand that stupid gargoyle with a sore throat shit, it's just childish ( and people should stop putting those type of songs over gore videos )
I completely disregard the "metal fest" type bullshit that puts people like Metallica or Slayer on some pedestal so they have a green light to fondle your kids... fuck that. Not sure how any of that is remotely close to anything of the same element as "metal".
Million dollar production to clean up your distortion gain and compress your cocksucking mouth is not even the same ballpark as "metal".... if motherfuckers smile pudwhacking their 5 thousand dollar wannabe jimi hendrix faggotry ego it ain't worth its weight in its own pederestry. Idgaf how long and curly your pubes are on your head or how high your pants are up your back pussy... gtfo with that bullshit...