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The Guardia Civil has broken up a gang with unusual methods
Eight people, five Spanish, a Colombian, and two Venezuelans, have been arrested by the Guardia Civil in an operation which has led to the dismantling of an organisation which sent large amounts of cocaine to Spain by air and lost luggage.
The operation, directed by a court in Málaga, took place in Vélez-Málaga, Seseña Toledo, and Madrid. 42 kilos of the drug was recovered.

Investigations carried out in February and March were established when the EDOA, the Organised Crime and Anti-drug team in the Guardia Civil in Málaga, working with the prosecution service at the airport, discover possible drug trafficking using a new method.

Members of the organisation travelled from Venezuela to Spain with their luggage although on arrival in Málaga they did not pick up their luggage, and it was left as lost luggage. Later they call the Lost Property Office, and have the luggage delivered to a hotel.

To be safe they are staying in other hotel and only go to the first one to pick up the luggage when they have checked that suspicions have not been raised.

The gang had several vehicles with sophisticated mechanisms to hide the drugs for their transportation across Spain, and substances with an odour to confuse police drug dogs.

The Guardia Civil action has led to the complete dismantling of the group who now face charges of drug trafficking, belonging to a criminal organisation and falsifying documentation.

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