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Some of u are clueless. U could take multiple boxes of Panadol and end up fucked up but not die. Plus even if it worked it would be a horrible way to go


A mix of overdosed Pregabaline, Alprazolam, Zyprexa, Promethazine, Amisulprid & Tavor combined with lots of Aclohol like Whiskey or Vodka shall do. Add Dimenhydrinate to hold back sickness and the urge to vomit.


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You guys are probably telling someone how to poison someone to death. I wouldn't give advise on this one.
Says somebody who´s name means cocaine. Nice.
Germany, at the border to the Netherlands. The dope (H) in common got better and cheaper since the early 2000's according to the lab results from 'Drug Scouts', the annual drug report from the government and my own experience.
Listen: No matter ´bout wich drug we are talking: Germany is pretty independent. You can get everything here, too. Most stuff in even better quality. I would need 1 hour to go the netherlands, but since about 15 years I wasn´t there. There´s no need to. We have it all here, lots of it.

Edit: Fuck, I forgot the OP. Sissie! That´s it.


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If your
What some drugs that will kill me quickly
Really at the end of your line and want to go out without pain? I suggest a exit bag. It's basically a plastic Hood with a hose connected to a helium tank and a Velcro strap across the neck. Helium it's a inert gas argon and nitrogen are also. H.a.r (the panic struggling and fear caused by suffocating) is avoided by this process. I would suggest getting help or calling a suicide hotline to with through your troubles. But if your mind is truly made up the go easy on yourself and have a peaceful exit. Life is hard death should be easy.

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