Dude Messed Up Big Time!! (1 Viewer)

Ivan Drago

This is an older video so many of you may have already seen it. I thought I'd post it just in case there are some here who haven't. Long story short, this guy shot a cop point blank in the face. The cops friends decide to have a chat with the guy and express their displeasure with his actions.



I don't know what all the Fuss is about? I'm surprised He could walk into the Fkn Courtroom! Fuck that POS! He looks just about the way He should; As far as I'm concerned!...SP
Yeah flash forward to todays state of affairs, and ol boy may not be able to make any court dates for the foreseeable future!

two dogs fucking

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They caught the nigger that shot the two cops in Compton. His lawyer is trying to get him moved to another jail because they throw his food away and take his bedding anything to fuck with him

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