Dumb Ways To Die! lol (1 Viewer)


Aggressively passive amd recklessly impulsive....
When I was with my ex husband,he got a phone call oneday telling him his best friend had been found dead.. Naturally he was extremely sad and so being the "oh so caring" wife I was,I did my best to console him and asked "Aw babe what happened?" His response was "He was using these methadone patches and instead of putting them on his arms,he was cutting them open and eating the goo out of the inside...." Yea all sympathy was lost then and replaced with a "Wtf really!? Your sad that THIS dumbass ain't here anymore lmao?? Bitch please... Get the fuck over that shit..." smh... They were both from Pennsylvania.... That whole shit state can die from choking on their own puke for all I care.. Fuck it,just blow that place to shit. I've yet to know anything of value that was derived from there..

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