Dying teen's 'bucket list' goes viral. (1 Viewer)


This is a heart warming story under sad and terrible circumstances. Its good to see that some people still have a little humanity left in them.

Later tonight I am going to find out how to donate money to her and donate a decent percent of this weeks pay.



Alice Pyne, a 15-year-old with terminal cancer, recently made a simple blog on which she wanted to document how precious the time she has with her family and friends is. She called it "Alice's Bucket List" and included notes on the things she hoped she could do before her illness got the better of her.

The British girl's first blog post was on June 6, 2011. Three days later, the entire Internet is cheering her on, donating to the causes she supports and helping her check off as many of her bucket list items as possible.



Patient goes beep beep beeeeeeeeeep
To swim with the sharks.....
Don't think that is a good idea right now, they kinda nipping right now.

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