Eddie gallagher


Splendid Fellow
We aren't murderers, or we shouldn't be. We are the good guys, if we give that up, we're as well embracing shira law and having done with it. Terrorist's we ain't. We're bound by an innate goodness to which we aspire, or that's the fucking theory anyway.

Fuck Eddie Gallagher and all who sail in him.


Simpleton response for a very complicated issue. Every action has a reaction, and that's what got the shit the way it is. We invaded them, not the other way around.
Please, get real, a simpleton response to moronic beings, EH and GMC can go and fuck each other, you have no fucking clue you brain dead fuck ups
war crime is what this guy was accused of doing. killing women and children. civilians...
he was ridiculed for "torturing" an already dying teen isis fighter. then jabd a knife in his kneck a few times. big fucking deal,i say. hes the enemy.
i thought war is always a crime
the lowest level a human can ever achieve