Eddie gallagher


war crime is what this guy was accused of doing. killing women and children. civilians...
he was ridiculed for "torturing" an already dying teen isis fighter. then jabd a knife in his kneck a few times. big fucking deal,i say. hes the enemy.
And EH agrees, need to make your mind up and get the sand out of your head EH, cant have it both ways fuck stick.


silent ghost
i thought war is always a crime
the lowest level a human can ever achieve
its only not a crime if it fits the political agenda.
or a threat to human kind. which is a slippery slope. it could be called a "threat" when in actuality its not. like gwb wmd ordeal. which was a big d\falsehood. hitler on the other hand,was factual. all on how politicians want to represent the issue to the public. they can do it by way of cover up,or being up front with the public.

Honest One

Hey asshole, quit honkin on the pub floor
These guys deserve medals not charges, they should charge the kids father for giving him the choice to fight or die.
I give zero fucks for a dead isis mongoloid. They all need to die so why does it matter? Cause we're supposed to
be the civilized ones, well fuck that noise.