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Edward Joseph Leonski (December 12, 1917 – November 9, 1942) was a United States Army soldier during World War II. He was also a serial killer responsible for the strangling murders of three women in Melbourne,Australia. Leonski was known as both the "Brownout Strangler", given Melbourne's wartime status of keeping low lighting (not as stringent as a wartime blackout) and also as the "Singing Strangler" due to his self-confessed motive for the killings being a twisted fascination with female voices, especially when they were singing, and his claim that he killed the women to "get at their voices."

Although his crimes were committed on Australian soil, the trial was heard under American military law. Private Leonski confessed to the crimes and was convicted and sentenced to death at a United States Armygeneral court-martial on July 17, 1942. General Douglas MacArthur confirmed the sentence on October 14, 1942 and a Board of Review upheld the findings and sentence on October 28, 1942. General Court-Martial Order 1 promulgated Leonski's death sentence on November 1, 1942. In a departure from normal procedure, on November 4, 1942, MacArthur personally signed the order of execution (in future executions, this administrative task would be entrusted to his Chief of Staff, Richard Sutherland). Leonski was hanged at Pentridge Prison, Melbourne on November 9, 1942, only the second American serviceman to be executed during World War II.




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Eddie has a trusting face - no doubt he was a "charmer". He apparently was able to smile, laugh, and wink (according to the article) during his trial when it was said the he walked on his hands when drunk.


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Strangle them to get to their voices, haha!
That's almost as good as Ed Kempers attempt to destroy his mothers voice box in a garbage disposal to finally stop her from talking(after having already decapitated her because that was not enough).

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