EEERRrrr that pic is wrong.


Can I stab you with this sharp pointy thing?
Hey would you look at that...second pic, the guy tossing a hairy ass salad, looks like a friend of GG. Mmm, mm, mm good. Fire? What fire? Bet that smells like boiled ham and vinager.Buttocs up or down or...well. whatever.
Did you have a nice ride on the bus


Did you have a nice ride on the bus
Actually i was in a 5:Starr resort with a private butler digging my feet in pink sand. Then I liked it so much i stood to September 9th.

Where were you? Oh that's right. Wearing an arkward Santa Clause suit with a nasty pillow hanging out trying to make rent lol.

Look do yourself a favor, its way to soon, enjoy your honaka. There will be plenty of time. And BTW, you're way too gullible. Try re-reading the post.

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