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Embalming: Steps

Discussion in 'Autopsies & Morgues' started by DeathHand, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. DeathHand

    DeathHand Let It All Bleed Out

    Yes, another 'embalming thread'. Not all embalmers will perform the task in the same manner as this.

    Also, I don't know if the deceased is a man or a woman...

    Image descriptions will be short and might not be 100% accurate.


    Set 1.

    1. Instruments required, in this case tweezers (large and small), scalpel, scissors, dissectors, nasal aspirator, S-needle and thread.

    2. The body is placed on the table, which is in mortis. The time of death and time of burial are noted along with the body mass of the deceased.

    3. Having the above data, accordingly dilute the formaldehyde in water for injection, pouring the solution into the injection pump.

    4. An incision is made, parallel to the clavicle, approximately 10 cm in length.

    5. With the dissector the carotid and the jugular arteries are isolated.

    6. Using the forceps with a curved beak, we pass the lines that will tie the carotid and jugular after the injection.

    7. The carotid is separated from the jugular.

    8. The cannula tube is inserted into the carotid for injection
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  2. DeathHand

    DeathHand Let It All Bleed Out

    Set 2.

    1. With the large forceps the nasal cavities are broken to facilitate drainage and later for intra-cranial aspiration.

    2. While the injection is performed the body must be massaged in a way to drain all possible blood.

    3. When the injection is completed, the cannula tube is withdrawn, the lines are tied and the body is left to rest for about 30 minutes.

    4. Vacuum Pump.

    5. The 'punching rod', or 'trocar'.

    6. A small incision is made in the abdomen, the trocar is inserted and aspirates all liquid and semi-solid liquid from within the body.

    7. Aspiration of the intracranial cavity to withdraw liquids and encephalic mass.

    8. The mouth is also aspirated.

    9. Using the trocar, a formaldehyde solution is injected into the abdominal and thoracic cavities, previously aspirated, and repeat the process of aspirating and injecting as many times as necessary until all bodily fluids have been drained.
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  3. McM

    McM Krautnigger

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  4. DeathHand

    DeathHand Let It All Bleed Out

    The first 3 pics of the following 4 pics are not what they look like...

    Set 3.

    1. Cannula insertion point cleaned.

    2. Cannula insertion incision is sutured.

    3. Incision is closed.

    4. The small abdominal incision is sutured.
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  5. DeathHand

    DeathHand Let It All Bleed Out

    Set 4.

    1. Cotton is pushed into the nostrils.

    2. And into the mouth as well.

    3. Mouth is sutured closed from the inside, via the nasal passages.

    4. Mouth sutured closed.

    5. Time to wash the body.

    6. Then dress the body (I have no idea wtf the body has been dressed in...).

    7. After dressing, the body is ready for make up.
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  6. DeathHand

    DeathHand Let It All Bleed Out

    And hell will freeze over before my dead corpse goes through that shit - especially the opening up of the nasal passages...

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  7. Yumisan

    Yumisan Horror Show.

    How someone end up working in this? Ewww.
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  8. zinfandel

    zinfandel The hair-flip of death

    Serious. Screw that hard. I want as many of my body parts as possible donated to somebody who needs an organ to live; and then fry the rest. If I pop my corks too old to donate for medicine, then roll my old bones on over to a body farm, dump my carcass and let the critters have at it in the name of criminal justice. Or use it to train cadaver dogs. BUT DON'T do THIS crap. It's so useless. And stupid. I want my death to be good for something. If I die in an accident, I want my bloody, brained-out corpse posted on a gore forum. I'm not joking. But NO EMBALMING!! I mean, WHY??

    Anyhoo, this individual, based on the blue somewhat-of-a-dress and the seeming lack of wang-age, looks like a chick.
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  9. Mtnflyer

    Mtnflyer Border Undesirable

    When I'm told I only have 30 days left, I'm taking a one-way into the forest. I know where to go, and if they ever do find me, it'll just be gnawed bones.
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  10. msr

    msr Here pikey pikey, swallow mah cawk.

    My wishes are for cremation and the ashes buried in the plot next to wife, got it all covered. I actually thought about the body farm thing, or Body Worlds exhibit, but nah, just be done with it. Body Worlds has a waiting list. MUST BE A LOT OF WEIRD PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. lol.
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  11. msr

    msr Here pikey pikey, swallow mah cawk.

    And your gnawed bones will cause a police investigation and all that shit.
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  12. Mtnflyer

    Mtnflyer Border Undesirable

    Anthropologist, by the time they find them, not police.
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  13. D.N.R.

    D.N.R. Medication time Super Moderator

    I prefer the body farm and it's only an hour drive from here but my kids wouldn't like that. I told them to have me cremated and I don't care what they do with my ashes.
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  14. Mental Puppy

    Mental Puppy Mors Est Salus Moderator

    That is one ugly chick. All jokes aside I'm also going the cremation route, it makes the most sense, I don't want to take up space after I die. Plus I can have a outing now and then if my wife decides to take the ashes with when their going to the beach .
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  15. deviant2

    deviant2 edgy

    My wishes, known to my children... donate what can be used to help or save someone. The rest to be cremated, picked up from our local funeral services, promptly walked the nearest dock, which is just behind the parlor, btw. And shake me into the water. Sunset is my preference, but doesn't really matter. Let the tide take me wherever wants. Have a beer (or 6 pk) smoke a joint, say good bye and love you Mom.

    The End.
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  16. McM

    McM Krautnigger

    Do embalmed corpses decompose at all? Read, some got even buried in double, airtight caskets with metal inlets, like bio-hazardous waste. Lying in the earth forever.

    Thought, they should be all in heaven or hell.
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  17. deviant2

    deviant2 edgy

    Everything biological decomposes overtime. No matter how it's buried. Or doctored up, or what fancy 8/9/14 thousand dollar boxes of wasted money they put you in.

    P.S. The book of crap is exactly that...

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  18. DeathsDoor

    DeathsDoor Knock Knock

    "Also, I don't know if the deceased is a man or a woman..."

    Well.. unless that's a micro penis lol


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    Thank you DH. Not gonna go thru that. Not put any of my loved ones thru that.
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  20. DeathHand

    DeathHand Let It All Bleed Out

    I wonder if knowing and seeing what might happen to our bodies after 'death' creates a horror because we are still alive. For myself, I'm pretty sure that when the last breath goes out and the heart stops beating that I won't still be inhabiting my body. It'll be lights out or count backwards from 100: my body won't matter anymore, as it does while I am still alive.