Empty.BY ME

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karma can be expected
I'm surrounded by this vast emptiness.
The endless void which is life.
Consumed by the ocean of doubt.
The world is turning.
Things are changing.
And I stand here,Still.
Awaiting the tragedy.
I know NightMare already gave you advice to start posting your writings in this section but I'm going to also suggest posting to one thread all your writings. That being said, your writing reminded me of something I wrote. I found it but there were a few that had some of the same theme as your writing..

Sleep is no longer solace
I lay down and have despise
I know it will not provide rest
After my thoughts abondon me
And I am allowed slumber
I will re-awaken eyes wide open
It will be as though I never slept at all
I am questioning my sanity
And reality is all becoming a blur
My creative spark is fueled by the morose
Soon I wonder will I turn night to day
For I only walk around in a daze
I look at everyone and they aren't really there
Or I'm not really there
I am a puppet going through the motions
And there's a guy there becoming cynical
Its too much burden to go out
And put on a mask and fake being human
I'll have to figure out how to do it. I'm not dumb I swear, lol. I'm getting used to how the website is set up and what things I can and can't do. But thank you!! any and all advise is much appreciated. and I like your writing. But if I may also give a little advise, (not that I'm perfect by any means). But I kind of feel like it's almost two different writings, you start out talking about sleep and end talking about faking being human. I like it though. Do you write a lot? or was this just something that came to you? I'd like someone to discuss writing with. lol. sorry so many thoughts, I didn't mean to write a book.

social outcast

karma can be expected
I just tapped it into a memo app on my mobile. So just thoughts captured..more like a journal entry. I write a lot and play the guitar a lot too. The two pretty much accompany each other.

What I meant by compiling all your writings here is anytime you want to post more writings..post in this thread. Simple as that. Especially useful if someone likes your style, they will watch this thread, which means they can be alerted anytime there is new activity on this thread.
Well I liked it. It was good. I kind of write like that in a way. I just jot down thoughts in my phone so I don't forget (bad memory) and then I just kind of compile them together and edit. And thank you I will do that with my next one.