Ex Wife Cut, Chopped and Cooked.

Weskaoui Adina

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A women between the ages of 25 and 28 YO told her parents that she was going to her ex-husbands home to pick up her two kids but never contacted her family that she made it back. This was around 1/13/18.

The police were eventually notified and entered the ex-husbands home where he also ran a small restaurant from the front.

After some time searching investigator's made a horrid discovery. Her legs and arms were found in a large stewing pot on top of the stove and they had indeed been cooked for some time. The rest of her body was found wrapped up in a cooler-fridge and was semi frozen. Forensics believe that he had indeed been eating the flesh and meat.

The husband is still at large with a huge manhunt going on to find him.

Taxco, Mexico, January 22, 2018.

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So. I learned this ordering menudo for my step father. You have to tell the waiter/waitress, "un tazon de sopa sin pata" if you don't want the feet in your soup. He doesn't like feet in his either.