***Extremely Graphic*** Murder of a woman

Joey jordison

Guessing something to do with drugs, she was clearly breathing before the lads started raining down machete fists.

Very evil guys but good thread all the same


Brazil should be invaded by coalition forces, they're violating human rights all day long.
And we would get great war pictures here.

And not only that, look at all the land they own and don't do shit with it except for cutting down trees unnecessarily at an alarming rate when it's part of our ecosystem. The trees there are like our lungs. They filter out all the bad shit in our air.
And yes of coures, lots and lots of war pictures. ;)
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Jon E(vil)

True gore artist.
This is the video, but it's only part one of two. From what ii remember reading, she was involved in drug trafficking, went to jail for a time then got back into the scene. I did a search of the ync and this repost of prt 1 came up first, there were 20+ pages after that.


guyme91 📦🔒

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It would seem that the OP clip is no longer available, so if anyone wishes to experience the horror it imparted

PM me and I will do my best to reenact it for you using nothing but lowercase comic sans font characters, emotes and obscure 4chan gifs...
Just post that here so we can all enjoy it. :4thelulz:
Best part is to get her hands from protecting her neck the guy gut stabs her as his buddy resumes the beheading. That yelp she gives. give through the trachea is easy to miss on the first viewing. Takes a few to see it.