***Extremely Graphic*** Murder of a woman


Let me guess. This happened somewhere in South America?
Looking at the environment, and criminal statistics on the continent, i would not be surprised if this was in South America somewhere.


Also, they really suck at beheading people. They took forever to do that compared to some of the other videos i've seen. Just thought that was a little amusing.

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per live leak;
On Friday (15 May), the video of a young woman being killed and beheaded with machetes in Salvador, Brazil was released in social networks. Family believe that the woman in the video is Juliana Pires, a former resident of Itabuna, Brazil. Her sister traveled to Salvador in order to identify the body.

In Itabuna, Juliana has spent some time in jail, accused of drug trafficking. The motivation of the crime is still unknown.


unless they were hopped up on mt dew, the theatrics are for whom the vid was made
"hopped up on mt dew " that's classic