F*Ck Dem Ugly Azz Kids" Chick Says She's Happy CPS Took Her Kids Away So She Can Finally Live Life! (6 Viewers)


I think that this is all a big front on her behalf,
I believe that in years to come this will be unbearable for her to accept and will use drugs and alcohol to avoid how she feels about it and possibly suicide....!


"Salute the marines"
I honestly don't understand the outrage. This has been the standard practice of these things for ages. I just see a typical black american family in this video.

Watcher in The Water

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Failed at getting and education,failed at being able to talk coherently,failed at being able to keep one man, failed at raising kids and failed at being able to smoke weed the bitch don't even enhale .
I couldn’t even finish watching it I think I got less than 2 minutes in. The bitch should be arrested beat with a bat and her pussy permanently sealed.
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All 7?? Bro, pretty sure it dont take 7 kids to realize u ain't fit to be a parent. This woman should lose her right to birth. It's a fucking shame, because theres so many woman like this^ social security and our government funds are just grossly wasted on cunts like this. The fact we dont do drug tests for food stamps or welfare tells me our society is still just simple minded fools. Here let's pay you because you cant keep your legs closed.. disgraceful


That miserable SheeBoon will poop out another dozen Nigglets starting when she cashes her last welfare check.

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