Family drowns at waterfall


Expected to be impressed.
India:A family desperately trying to hold on to each other were swept away and drowned by a flash-flood at a popular picnic spot in India, three members drowned while locals managed to rescue two of the boys.

A flash flood is typically caused by sudden, excessive rainfall that sends a river, stream or other body of water rapidly out of its banks. Often this occurs in a short amount of time.

Most people are unaware that:
80% of flood deaths occur in vehicles, and most happen when drivers make a single, fatal mistake trying to navigate through flood waters.
Just 6 inches of rapidly moving flood water can knock a person down.
A mere 2 feet of water can float a large vehicle even a bus.
One-third of flooded roads and bridges are so damaged by water that any vehicle trying to cross stands only a 50% chance of making it to the other side.

Most frightening is the rapidity with which the water rises. Heavy rains from showers and thunderstorms can quickly fill dry stream and river beds, sending torrents of water downstream.



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One of the comments on the youtube page was "my heart sank" and I don't think they realize how lulzy that sounds given the context