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A.K.A.: "Limpopo Serial Rapist"

Classification: Serial killer
Characteristics: Serial rapist (9) - Robberies
Number of victims: 6
Date of murders: February-September 2000
Date of arrest: September 14, 2000
Date of birth: 1977
Victims profile: Women
Method of murder: Shooting
Location: Arcoenhoek area, Eastern Limpopo, South Africa
Status: Sentenced to eight life sentences + 165 years in prison in July 2004

Serial killer gets 165 years

July 27, 2004

Soft-spoken multiple rapist and killer Fanuel Makamu has been handed a hefty 165 years in jail, as well as eight life sentences.

Makamu, 30, from Acornhoek in Bushbuckridge, Limpopo, was sentenced to cries of jubilation in the Mhala circuit of the Pretoria High Court last week, bringing relief to the community and even his mother.

"My son got what he deserved and the sentence is not shocking when you consider his offences," says his mother, Joyce Makhubela, who turned her son in following threats from the community.

"I couldn't believed Fanuel could commit such terrible sins but when his victims testified in court it was clear to me that they were telling the truth," she adds quietly.

She and her daughter, Sibongile Makamu, 19, were treated warmly by his victims and their families outside the courtroom after the sentencing last Thursday.

The case was first tried in the Nelspruit circuit, but Judge Willie Seriti insisted Makamu be sentenced in the Mhala court so that the community he terrorised could attend the sentencing.

He was found guilty of 32 of the 34 charges against him.

Bushbuckridge mayor Milton Morema says Makamu's sentence was a great relief to people of the area.

"We thank the judge for bringing the case here so the traumatised victims could see that their testimony was not fruitless. We are thankful Makamu will now rot in jail," says Morema.

After Makamu's arrest in September 2000 police managed to trace 104 witnesses to testify against him.

Makamu's co-accused, Henry Maile, was shot dead when police raided his house.

Below is a sequence of the crimes and the subsequent arrests of Makamu and Maile:* On February 3 2000 at 21:00, primary school teacher Colbert Mnisi was walking to a bus station when he was shot in the thigh and robbed his cell phone, car keys and bankcards.

Limpopo serial rapist to be sentenced today

July 22, 2004

Fanuel Makamu, a Limpopo serial rapist and murderer, is to be sentenced today.

Makamu (27) was found guilty on 32 charges of murder, attempted murder, rape, attempted rape and robbery. He and an accomplice committed the crimes between February and September 2000 in the Acornhoek area in the Eastern Limpopo area.

Henry Mayile, his co-accused, was shot dead when police arrested them in September 2000. Throughout the trial, Makamu maintained that he was innocent despite the overwhelming evidence presented before the court more than 100 witnesses.

Thembeni Mayinga, a State prosecutor, has suggested that Judge Willy Serete hand Makamu multiple life sentences.

Three days set aside for sentencing of serial rapist

July 20, 2004

The High court sitting in Thulamahashe near Bushbuckridge has set a side three days for the sentencing of a Limpopo serial rapist and killer in a trial that started in May this year. Fanuel Makamu (27) was found guilty on 32 charges.

The trial lasted five weeks and more than 50 witnesses testified against Makamu. Throughout the trial in May this year, a relaxed Makamu showed no remorse at all. Judge Willy Serete found Makaumu guilty of 32 charges, including six for murder and nine for rape. The rest of the charges included robbery, attempted murder, attempted rape and attempted robbery.

Maile, Makamu's co-accussed, was shot dead when police attempted to arrest the two in September 2000. The pair is said to have committed the crimes between February and September 2000 in the Arcoenhoek area in Eastern Limpopo.

Serial rapist found guilty on 32 charges

May 28, 2004

Fanuel Makamu, a serial rapist and murderer, has been found guilty on 32 charges in the Mhala Magistrate Magistrates Court at Thulamashe in Limpopo today.

Six of the charges were for murder and 10 for rape, while the rest included attempted murder, attempted rape and attempted robbery.

Makamu was acquitted on two rape and robbery charges. Henry Maile, Makamu's co-accused, was shot dead when police attempted to arrest the two in September 2000. The crimes were committed between February and September 2000 in the Acornhoek area of Limpopo. Judge Willy Serete is expected to pass sentence on July 20.

Jacques Pienaar, Makamu's legal representative, yesterday cast doubt on the credibility of evidence given by Kenneth Nkuna, Rekson Sibuyi and David Hlatshwayo the three investigating officers. Advocate Pienaar questioned the credibility of the DNA tests done on three victims, saying only two matched the accused. He also argued about the ballistic reports exhibits saying it cannot not be proved conclusively that the cartridges were found on the crime scene.

Pienaar further put to the court that the accused was forced to point out pre-determined murder scenes after being threatened with intimidation. He argued that evidence submitted proves the accused was not explained his constitutional rights and should, therefore, be found not guilty.

Judge wants community to hear his ruling

By Zenzele Kuhlase of African Eye News Service

May 20, 2004

NELSPRUIT, South Africa

A high court judge wants to pass judgement on a suspected serial rapist and killer in the community he terrorised.

Fanuel Makamu, 27, has been tried on 34 charges in the Nelspruit circuit of the Pretoria high court, which is more than 100 km away from Bushbuckridge, where the crimes were committed.

Judge Willie Seriti said on Thursday that he'd like to pass judgement in the Bushbuckridge area, so that the 104 witnesses don't have to travel such a long distance to hear the outcome of the case.

"It will be more reasonable if the judgement takes place where the victims can easily attend court without wasting more money," he explained.

"The witnesses travelled to Nelspruit each day to give evidence, and they need to hear the outcome of the case."

The case was postponed to Friday for the court to find a suitable venue in Bushbuckridge for the judgement.

Makamu, who lived in Acornhoek, has pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

But DNA tests on semen samples taken from three victims matched his DNA.

Makamu is charged with ten counts of rape, six of murder, five of armed robbery, two of attempted murder, three of housebreaking, one of attempted robbery, one of attempted housebreaking, two of illegal possession of firearms, two of illegal possession of ammunition, one of malicious damage to property and one of attempt to escape from custody.

He is charged with attempting to escape from police few days after his late co-accused, Henry Maela, was killed during a shootout with police when the men were arrested on September 14, 2000.

The two were accused of a string of attacks that took place between February 2000 and September 2000.

According to the charge sheet, they targeted women on the street in the Bushbuckridge area and raped them. At times, anyone with the women was shot dead. - African Eye News Service.

Hospital CEO sought to testify in serial rapist's trial

May 14, 2004

The legal representatives of Fanuel Makamu, an alleged serial rapist, have asked the High Court sitting in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, to subpoena the CEO of Tintswalo hospital to give evidence. Makamu was treated at Tintswalo after being shot in the leg, while allegedly trying to escape arrest.

More than 40 witnesses have testified so far. Makamu faces a total of 34 charges, including six counts of murder and 10 of rape.

Henry Maile, another suspect, died in a shoot-out with police during the arrest. Makamu and Maile allegedly committed a string of crimes between February and September 2000 in the Acornhoek area in Limpopo.

The case goes back to court on Monday.

Serial rapist case continues in Mpumalanga

May 04, 2004

The trial of Fanuel Makamu, an alleged serial rapist and murderer, continues in the Nelspruit High Court in Mpumalanga. The first witness, Inspector Thomas Mashali from the SAPS dog unit, testified that shoe prints presented in court as evidence matched those found at the murder scene.

The second witness, a Dr Ndlovu, testified that forensic tests had shown the suspect did rape three alleged victims.

Makamu faces 34 charges - including six counts of murder and 10 of rape. He is jointly charged with Henry Maile for crimes alleged committed in 2000 in the Acornhoek area, near the Mpumalanga-Limpopo border.

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