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I’ve had quite a few messages asking me to discuss the story of my father and the story of who he murdered / why he did it.

To give you some backstory, he was already incarcerated on a possession charge when this happened. He’d been in prison for almost 6 years with no aggressive incidents (that were reported), before this happened.
Anywho, my father took it upon himself to murder a man that had recently been locked up for child molestation and child pornography.

Long story short, he stabbed the guy.
He used a short, metal shank someone had fashioned from working in the kitchen. Apparently, he walked right up to him and stabbed him in the stomach a few times before wrestling on the ground with him, and then he stabbed him in the neck. The guy bled out before he was taken to medical. One of the guards that witnessed it actually told police that my dad didn’t do it because of some gang stuff- apparently that guard owed someone something. Not sure about the truth of that story, though.

When asked why he did it, he said the guy deserved it.
He mentioned that he (my dad) was a father.
That was pretty much all he had to say.

— Note: We have not spoken since this happened. This was two years ago.
And yes, I love my father and think he’s a wonderful man.

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Kiddie fiddlers deserve death. Just because our justice system doesn't allow capital punishment for it doesn't mean that it isn't deserved. Your dad was there to stand in and deal with the sick fucker in the correct way when no one else would do it.


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props to your dad @Worms ! idky you two dont speak,but you should at least let him know,he has support from GG members on this matter. its well deserved to any pedo molester rapist.
so,about the posession charge... how much of what? and was he on parole when this occurred? how much time did he get for that charge? and now? how much does he have added on to his sentence?


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speaking of jail. i just watched the wizard of lies, fucking awesome movie.

p.s. your dad did a good job.

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