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What I love the most about female fights is that we always get a good look at their tits. When there are apes fighting you even get to see something more. Can't go wrong with titties, who doesn't love 'em?

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I'd go to hell just to shoot the Devil in the face
There may or may not have been fight videos around my area during my younger days that have been turned into pornos because I photobombed the camera person trying to record the fight and flashed the camera...


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Agree. There are a few talented girls but not many, the fights usually are decisions. Not many finishes. The recent upset of Kayla Harrison was a good fight
I watch all the bigger female fights cuz honestly, if they're not top 5 in whatever org they're fighting in, they're more often than not just tomato cans. There are some good ones tho and yeah that upset was actually crazy.


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Yeah, let her up? Theres no rules in a street fight. Notice it was negros telling her that. No matter what these little wiggers think, when it comes down to it they will stick up for their own.
and they will be the first to say,"enough enough stop".
but wont do that themselves. then proceed to kick and stomp the head