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More from South Asia.


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Found from my Portuguese chat room sources!

Another da Silva bites the dust.
This da Silva curse seems to be intesifying with each passing day ! !

//Translated using Google//

+ Lucene Damião da Silva + 36 years + suicide by hanging on the night of Tuesday, 3, + in the rural area of Alagoas city of Porto Real do Colégio. Photo of her dead in the comment. She was pregnant.

In full 'September Yellow' Porto Real do Colégio records a suicide case

September is the month chosen to combat suicide across the country. Several institutions run campaigns to alert and help people who are suffering from depression and are easier to deal with in their own lives. The Military Police, through the 11th BPM, recorded in the early evening of Tuesday, September 3, that Lucene Damião da Silva, 36, took her own life. She lived at the Timbaúba site, in rural Porto Real do Colégio. Upon arriving at the scene they found the hanged victim. Police were informed by family members of the victim that around 6 pm the brother of the victim, upon arriving at the residence, came across the sad scene and called the PM. Relatives also claimed that Lucene suffered from depression.

I'll try to gather more info about her.. maybe live pics or a social media account.
Till then.

Lucene Damiao da Silva, alive and pregnant:

Lucene da Pinata:

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@gowmathi i appreciate the effort you put in, but it's apparent that all these are fakes!
Like how do 3 different cases hang themselves in the same room, from the same point on 3 different occasions?!

I'd appreciate if you made a separate fantasy thread with these... the content you share is interesting, but is sure to get hate from everyone when posted among real hangers!