Feminism destroys civilization

Yup. This bullshit is almost exclusively the fault of retarded millennial liberal women, a legion of Xanax popping wine chugging fruitcakes with daddy issues or weight issues or both. You know, the type of people who watch The View unironically. Prove me wrong. Also modern day western colleges are breeding grounds for unemployable communists, socialists and SJW's who also encourage this bullshit. These people are physically ugly too you don't see any good looking people with these unwashed, unshaven pigs. Feral looking hippies, short haired dykes, gender neutral hamplanets and exoskeletons, pimple covered faggots who work 4 hours a week making coffee

Cue the replies:

"My PHD in 13th Century Cambodian Breastmilk Nutrition hasn’t allowed me to land a job yet, so screw you misogynist nazi!"

"Get a load of this 1%er with investments!"
- Liberal with $100,000 student loan debt for master's degree in Gender Studies

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Not really. Started in the 60's